A Huge Thank You From NFDC

So, you might have noticed if you follow us on Facebook that we’ve been running a Kickstarter Campaign, and you may have also noticed that you guys funded us completely in 9 days. In 45 days, you raised $4,535.66.

Frankly, we are freaking out.

That is amazing. You knocked our socks off. And then you funded us OVER our goal. We’re flabbergasted.

What you may not know, is that if you backed our project, you are part of a group of people who are helping Kickstarter to be on track to out-fund the NEA. Now, not every dollar on Kickstarter goes to “the arts” per se, but all of these are creative projects. The guy with the awesome iPhone dock. Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer’s performance art tour. Some crazy people making a comedy series right here in Atlanta.

And now, you’ve funded The Tempest.

That is a lot of Kickstarter success, but also keep in mind that something like half of all the projects on Kickstarter do not get funded. While we were really confident we had a great idea and an awesome community behind us, we also knew that we had a 50/50 chance of not making it. The fact that we did make it, that we more than made it, is a testament not only to the value of our idea but also to the strength of our community.

We’re working out our exact plans for your money now, and we’ll be showing our backers secret updates about how we’re spending the funds before the show gets on its feet. We’ll also be sending out a bunch of administrative emails to backers to help us plan and execute getting out all of your premiums. Please, if you are a backer, ensure your email address is one you will be able to check!

Again, thank you so much. We’re endlessly grateful.