Meet the Cast of Measure for Measure

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see us for auditions! After a very arduous process, we are pleased to present the cast of Measure for Measure.

Joel Rose Vincentio, the Duke
Rod Lindsey Angelo
Derek Fagleir Claudio
Escalus Catherine Thomas
Lucio Jason Carlile
1st Gentleman & Froth Patrick Hill
2nd Gentleman & Barnadine Calvin Wickham
Provost Corinna Rezzelle
Friar Peter Jim Gray
Justice, Messenger, & Servant Philip Mertz
Elbow & Abhorson Billy Woods
Pompey Ben Boardman
Isabella Emily Arvidson
Mariana Chelsea Steverson
Juliet & Francisca Amy Tallmadge
Mistress Overdone Kathleen Seconder