Volunteers for Beasties!

Beasties at Barrington, NFDC’s annual spooky storytelling tour, is coming up soon and we need volunteers! We need folks in a bunch of different capacities – no hand is too small! Sign up to be a storyteller, guide, or concessions – each night is only about 3 hours of time, so it’s a small commitment.

If you are interested in being a part of this event, please fill out this Google form:

Thanks and I hope we see you there!

Fall 2014

FALL 2014
You may have noticed that we have not been advertising a show for this fall. We are taking a short hiatus to recharge our creative batteries, so there will be no Shakespeare this fall.

However, we are still hosting Beasties at Barrington in October, and we’ll be back with more Shakespeare this spring!

Hauntings suitable for all ages!
Come on out October 24 & 25 to get scary with NFDC at Barrington Hall! Join us for a walking tour of the grounds, including a peek inside the house to chat with a resident poltergeist!

Sat. May 10 Performance is On!

We are on for tonight’s performance! We are holding curtain until 8:30pm. See you here!

King Lear for May 9 – Cancelled Due To Rain

We regret to announce that our performance for Friday, May 9, must be cancelled due to insistent rain. If you reserved a table for this evening, please email us at nfdramaclub[at]gmail[dot]com.

Rain Policy

Since the forecast is looking a little iffy, it’s a good time to revisit our rain policy!

If it rains prior to curtain, then we will proceed with the show, delayed only to make up for lost prep time. If it rains during the show, then we will hold and determine if we are dealing with a small shower or something larger.

In other words, if at all possible, the show will go on.

In order to re-schedule a table, ask for Alyssa Jackson at the show, or email us at nfdramaclub[at]gmail[dot]com.