Lear Audition Sides

If you are coming to auditions for King Lear this week, you might be interested in taking a look at the sides we’ll be using. We’ve hosted them all on Google Docs – here’s the link:

Let us know if you have any questions. See you at auditions!

Let’s Talk About Lear – A Director’s Early Note

Of all of Shakespeare’s tragedies, perhaps the most concise is King Lear. I would ever go further to say it is the best written, if not for the memorable quotes, but for the way it is constructed. It is a tale about family, about responsibility, about consequence and action, and it all unfolds without a single visit from the supernatural realm. No ghosts. And certainly no fairies. There is a storm, but there is no wizard to control it.

And so, as we approach King Lear, we do so with one of those intakes of breath through the nose. You know how that is, when you look at a challenge and tilt your head a bit, then inhale deliberately before muttering something like “Well, alright then” or “Let’s do this.”

So say it with me: “Let’s do this.”

Our concept this time around is harder to pinpoint, but simpler to describe. This isn’t just NFDC taking on the 1970s like with did with Shrew or Midsummer, or even the ’30s like we did with Macbeth. For King Lear, we’re calling our take Faulker Lear. As in William Faulkner. If you don’t get it right now, don’t worry, you’ll get it when you see it in May.

To this end, we’re doing two sets of auditions. The first set will be tomorrow night and Tuesday night. These nights of auditions are for only the titular character himself. King Lear. Arguably, one of the great roles in the canon.

There has been some question as regards to age. Lear is a father of three adult women, all of them very different and across a possibly wide range of seeming ages. Because of this, the most common portrayal of Lear is that of a man nearing the twilight of his life.

That’s not where we’re taking our Lear. I am looking for a Lear that is vital, that is sharp, that knows his mortality and recognizes that he must make decisions while he is still in full control. Yes, he is older, but somewhere between 50 and 75.

Understand that this age range is the character, not the actor, because actors are bound only by their talent and never their age, right? (Right.)

And so, if you are an actor with aspirations of royalty (albeit a kind of dusty, Southern kind) who has considered coming out and playing with us, then you should come and see us this week. Or if you’ve friends who might fit this bill, please send them our way.

Spring 2014: King Lear

NFDC is proud to announce our Spring 2014 production of William Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Evenings Fridays & Saturdays, May 2nd through 17th; Sunday Matinee, 5pm on May 11th.

Seating begins at 7pm; Show begins at 8pm

General Admission: FREE!
Suggested Donation of $5

Reserved seating at tables are now available for this show! Tables seat six, and come with tablecloth and candle.
Ready to make your reservation? Click here!

Barrington Hall
535 Barrington Drive
Roswell, GA 30075


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Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of Fulton County Arts and Culture.
Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of Fulton County Arts and Culture.

Our graphics courtesy of Erica Cruz. If you want some awesome graphics, just drop us a message and we’ll hook you up with the best graphic designer in the ATL.

Auditions: King Lear

Auditions: King Lear

On February 3rd and 4th, North Fulton Drama Club will be holding open, Non-Equity auditions for a new production of William Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Monday and Tuesday February 3rd & 4th – 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Thursday, February 6th, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

What Are We Looking For?

**We are interested in actors of any and all races, ethnicities, body types, flavors, heights, whatever. Come as you are, because you are awesome.**

Show dates are evenings Fridays & Saturdays, May 2nd through May 17th; Sunday Matinee at 5pm on May 11th.

Actors should come prepared to perform cold-readings from provided scripts. Monologues, particularly Shakespearean, are appreciated, but not required. Headshots and theatre resumes are appreciated, but not required.

Auditions will be held on the property of Barrington Hall in Roswell, Georgia. The Hall is located at 535 Barrington Drive, on the south side of the Historic Roswell Square, near the intersection of GA Hwy 120 and GA Hwy 9. Follow Barrington Drive and turn left on to King Street to access the graveled parking behind the blue barn. There is very limited parking available in the main lot, so please park around back.

Deal breakers include inability to be at ALL shows and inability to be present during the entirety of tech week. If you feel you have a particularly strong case for missing ONE day during tech week, please feel free to attempt to reason with us. We are nothing if not reasonable.

Please note: NFDC accepts actors who are age 14 and at least freshmen in high school.

Find Barrington Hall on Google Maps.

Questions? Email us at nfdramaclub@gmail.com or call us at 678-561-BARD.

NFDC is an all-volunteer community theater, and as such, no stipend or compensation is offered.

Beasties at Barrington is back!

Beasties at Barrington

Experience the scary side of Barrington Hall on this haunted walking tour of the grounds — including a peek inside the house itself!

Tours start at 7pm and leave approximately every 15 minutes. Seasonal refreshments are available for $1 each at the start of the tour.

$5 at the door – Cash, Check, or Card.

Good for all ages! Using a secret signal, our guides will let the spirits know how scary the stories should be.