Why Donate to NFDC?

Comedy of Errors That’s a good question. If you’ve not read the About Us section, you should start there.

Okay, so you’re read up now. GREAT.

North Fulton Drama Club, Inc., is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. We are also all volunteer, all the time. Our shows are free to the public, and all we ask for in return is enthusiastic applause and a small donation.

Where do we get our funding? We apply for and sometimes receive grants from great organizations like the Fulton County Arts Council, but our biggest source of support is individual donors like yourself. Our operating system is exactly that of public radio. You come out, you see our shows, and you give us in return whatever you can pay or whatever you think the experience was worth to you. If every person who comes to see one of our shows gives us five dollars, then we are fully funded for the next show.

We hope you will consider donating to support our next show. We’ve changed our donation structure a little bit to assign donor levels and reward you for your loyalty to NFDC, so please consider donating using the button below.


David Tennant Level
David Tennant Level Allons-y! Need to start small? That’s okay! For as little as $5 you can see your name in our program for our next show.

Dame Maggie Smith Level
Dame Maggie Smith Level Put that in your pipe and smoke it!Renowned Shakespearean actor Dame Maggie Smith knows what she’s talking about. While you can’t put our shows in a pipe, you can bring five friends with you to see our next show and your name will appear in our program.

Sir Patrick Stewart Level
Sir Patrick Stewart Level Make it so!Donate $100 or more, and we’ll think you’re #1! Guarantee prime seating at reserved tables for yourself and five friends for our next two shows and your name will appear in our programs.

Dame Helen Mirren Level
Dame Helen Mirren Level The Queen ApprovesShakespeare himself benefited from the approval of a Queen, and you can too! Donate $250 or more and enjoy reserved seating for up to 12 people (2 tables at our 2 next shows). Your name will appear in our programs, and you will be thanked by name in our curtain speeches.

Sir Ian McKellan Level
Sir Ian McKellan Level You Shall Not Pass!Woah! You’re really serious about supporting the arts in your community! You’re amazing, and we bet that you could go toe-to-toe with Gandalf in holding off a Balrog. Protection like that can’t go unrecognized, so you can expect 2 reserved tables for each of our next 2 shows, your name in our program, a mention in our curtain speeches, and the opportunity to participate in a private rehearsal meet and greet with the cast of our next two shows.

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