Frequently Asked Questions

Does what it says on the tin: Your frequently asked questions, answered.

Donating – How can I donate to NFDC?
First of all, NFDC is a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation might be deductible on your taxes, depending upon your personal tax situation.
There are a few ways to donate to us:

  1. Give us an in-kind gift. You can donate actual, physical things to us, but please check with us first before you do so. We can always use fabric, building supplies, and sewing supplies. Your best bet is to email us at nfdramaclub(at)gmail(dot)com.
  2. Donate in person at a show. We take cash or checks at our shows.
  3. Donate online. We use Google Checkout for all of our online transaction processing purposes.
  4. But I need a Google Account to use Google Checkout, right? No, you don’t. You can use whatever email address you like to complete your transaction, just like with PayPal. Also, NFDC never sees your financial information; we simply approve the transaction being processed.


North Fulton Drama Club performs at Historic Barrington Hall in Roswell, Georgia. The Hall is located at the corner of Highway 120 and Highway 9. Access to parking is available from either Barrington Drive (from 120 East) or King Street (from 9 North). Barrington Hall’s address is:

535 Barrington Drive, Roswell, Georgia 30075


Curtain time is seasonal, depending upon when the sun goes down. With the extension of Daylight Savings Time, an 8:30pm curtain is the norm for evening shows. Be sure to check the shows page to ensure you have the correct time. This is a only a guideline. Seating begins approximately 1 hour before curtain, at which time patrons are welcome to come out and witness some of the preshow hub-bub, eat dinner, and relax.

Rain Policy

If it rains prior to curtain, then we will proceed with the show, delayed only to make up for lost prep time. If it rains during the show, then we will hold and determine if we are dealing with a small shower or something larger.

In other words, if at all possible, the show will go on.

Additionally, if we call the show and you have paid for a table, we will happily arrange to either set up the table for you on another night we are showing, or we will refund the amount paid for the table. We are unable to provide refunds for food, as the food orders must be placed on the Thursday prior to the show, and cannot be canceled. In order to re-schedule a table, see a Drama Club representative at the show, or email us at nfdramaclub[at]gmail[dot]com.

Tickets & General Seating

Our shows are free to the public for general admission seating, which is on the ground. Feel free to bring blankets, low-slung lawn chairs, and coolers. Sit up front and sit close so our actors can hear you laughing! (NFDC does reserve the right to ask you to relocate if your chair is obstructing the view of those around you.) Here are some examples to help you bring an appropriate chair: Example 1; Example 2. Chairs such as this may be asked to move farther back for the viewing comfort of other patrons.

Tickets & Reserved Seating
Reserved Tables are available! For $40, you can reserve a table for six on either the left or right side of the general seating area. Table reservations will be accepted until day of show.

To reserve your tables, please visit our new Virtual Box Office! If you are confused, check out the walkthrough.

Parking is located behind the Hall. Access is available from either King Street (from Highway 9 North) or Barrington Drive (from Highway 120 East). If the parking at Barrington Hall is full, there is additional parking a short walk away at the Square. Please refrain from blocking in other patrons. parking in the small paved lot is prohibited, because the sound of cranking cars and the light from headlights may disrupt the show for other patrons. Thank you for your cooperation.

Roswell City Council recently passed a new ordinance making it illegal to smoke in any Roswell Park. Barrington Hall is a Roswell park, and thus smoking is not permitted.
Contact Information
If you have any questions, please email us at nfdramaclub[at]gmail[dot]com, or call us at 404-444-4605.